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7-26-18 We are so booked, it’s hard to accept new clients

Hass Haus Dog Lodge and Spa vision


Our vision is to provide the best home atmosphere while adding in the social fun, and adventure dogs naturally have.   The guests and residents all rest inside the lodge, and it’s common for me to audition guests if there is any doubt they may not adjust .    The evnironment inside has moving fresh air, and zen music 24-7 coming by way of the TV they watch when at rest.

Pool available


If your dog likes to swim, we have a pool built especially for dogs. Three feet deep all the way through with a landing.   More guests come in with different ideas about water recreation simply because they have not had a refreshing therapeutic swim.   I have a certificate in Water Dog Therapy which I am proud of.   That course taught me skills I utilize and personalize with the residents and guests :) 

Vacation pics from our home to your vacation:)


It is my pleasure to post to parents,  the Hass Haus Dog Lodge and Spa Facebook page, or now here.   The social groups and mixers are both AM and PM  usually after all are checked in and settled.  We start early and end late, with a structured down time in the middle.


Tell us about your companion(s)

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Hass Haus Dog Lodge and Spa

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